Wednesday, May 2, 2007

visiting aliens' hometown

Burkhard Heim is a German physicist that worked on the Theory of Everything, the Philosophical Stone of modern physics. This theory should unify the quantum theory and the general theory of relativity. His results are surrounded by doubt, mainly because almost nobody seems to understand them. Nonetheless, his theory is the only one able to predict the mass of fundamental particles.
What makes his theory important for visiting aliens' hometown is the fact that it provides the background for a new method of propulsion, one that would make the trip to Mars a leisure 3 hour drive. A spinning ring and a strong magnetic field could produce a repulsive anti-gravity force that would propel a spacecraft into a multidimensional hyperspace. The required magnetic field required to propel a 150 tones spacecraft would be around 25 Tesla (500,000 times the Earth magnetic field). This is within the reach of today's technology that allows pulsed magnets to briefly reach 80 Tesla.

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