Saturday, May 26, 2007

When bad luck turns to gold

If someday you feel unlucky, you're maybe on your way to take Science further...

The american robot Spirit is exploring Mars' ground for some times, and its NASA team was quite worried that one of its 6 wheels broke, until they found out that this broken wheel was leaving a deep track on the robot's path, and revealed an obvious silica presence : almost 90%, says the onboard X-ray spectrometer !

What is the point of finding silica in this big messy bunch of sands that is Mars' ground ?

Its origin can have 2 different sources :

- result of the interaction between acid rain and volcanic activity, with presence of water

- cluster coming from the cooling of ancient hot water sources

In both case, the process involves an obviously huge quantity of water...Mars, water, Mars, water, there is something that does not want these words to be dissociated...
Photo credits : NASA

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